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Allods Gold
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Allods Online is a PC-based games Allods series (internationally known as the "sorcerer Wrath"), the Russian online game MMORPG free version of the Chinese by the giant network of agents. The game is set in a fantasy universe, the concept of magic planet, the fantastic blend of traditional MMORPG experience and new science fiction elements, with the moving story and a variety of game play, including PVP and PVE combat mode. Fine detail of the game and especially the screen, the role of colorful scenes.
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Allods news

Guide for your guild in the game
We hope it helps answer the question about healing potential for each class. Remember, in the first part we are subtracting off the green, blue, and big, all classes have the same average big heal, cones base effect for cone feats, so that is why Nature's Wrath and Faithful of Sets contributions are the way they are.
Let's have some fun with numbers and compare the net healing/protection for each class (allods gold). We will consider a hypothetical minute of highest quality healing from each priest, ignoring the cone HoT big heal but not the augmentations, and respecting the additional healing from each priest.
We will assume that all healing is single target; all the extra heals are enemy curses, anyway. The burst from the cone will occur three times per minute, count dmg absorbs as heals, count miss chance as evade chance, and scale damage reduction miss evade by duration divided by cool down.

How to upgrade equipment?
Do not know the face of what is left, do not know, but this article, leaving the game in general has not washed her and a friend of equipment, although very simple, we seem is unremarkable equipment upgrades, but yesterday we discovered, 39 of her are well equipped with PT, she actually will not upgrade equipment, and asked her, she said that no mining, but not upgraded equipment, rose with her play last night, actually put on a burst, and a small vice, she points to upgrade, also rose by 3 consecutive times, of course, needless to say, 3 times failed, a small vice on your success that other people also want to upgrade how mixed in the game (allods gold)?
How many players did not come into contact with people and equipment to upgrade the people feel happy and unhappy things, do not want players to see this article, and equipment upgrades in some help to you and him more understanding.
We think, first of all to introduce, is the feather stone, and the following, please see case diagram:
More than 14 species of birds stone, each with different Ti Jia attributes, can be weapons, armor and other upgrades, the upgrade is successful, the corresponding increase in property, of course, the higher level rise, the higher the increase in property, which all kinds of birds are noted behind the stone can only upgrade items, do not take that time to upgrade clothes Kazakhstan ignorance.

Allods Guide: Leveling 15-30
After doing job change quest you are able to reset your distributed points for free as well as your skills, which there was no real point in leveling anyway. From now on you will always want to level inside of an advanced party. An advanced party is a party that has reached level 10. It then gives party members more exp once a party reaches level 10 and has been changed to advance.
To maximize exp (allods gold) the best way is to join a party that has 8 people. In this party you will invite 1 friend who will level in the same area as you. Doing this you will both get bonus exp from being in the party? Make sure the other 6 party members are not in the same area as you. Or they will affect your exp. Once you reach around level 30 buffs reliant classes will notice the dependant on buffs. While you have been leveling you should have been taking note of any full support assists you have seen through your travels.
This is important, because you progress through the game these people to your friends, even if you do not speak to them before. Of course, explain why you join them, just tell them, if they ever need your partners to them. This means that the next time you log on to the game, the level of need, you can through your list. Important not to deny your partner, because they often do not want to level with you and your may lose your friendship. You may be subject to a number of customers or friends by the regular and flat export gains. But it will be worth it with the other partners May not play long-running frequency or omissions skills.

Holy Charm Price Readjustment
by CHOMPWe are announcing that the price of the Holy Charms has been completely readjusted.

Orchestrating the pricing of the item shop between various regions is a massive task. Due to a miscalculation in the initial price planning, the pricing for the Holy Charms was not correct. Had we better understood the applicable information, this pricing error would have not occurred.

All players who have purchased Holy Charms prior to the readjustment will be automatically credited the difference in bonus gPotatoes - this process will take 3-4 days. We are glad that we were able to swiftly make the necessary adjustments and reflect the correct prices. Thank you for your patience while this situation was being resolved.

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