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Blade Reborn With good sound and graphics effects

Snail Games has just unveiled the global launch of their latest action MMORPG, Blade Reborn on both iOS and Android. The game is, however, not available in the following regions at this moment: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

Unlike the usual martial arts style of Snail Games, Blade Reborn puts on a Western style of playing and graphics by letting gamers immerse themselves in the dark and mysterious dungeon context. Just like Diablo.

In terms of gameplay, Blade Reborn also possesses gameplay quite similar to other role-playing products of the same genre. After choosing a character, you can choose to add many other complementary things such as weapons to participate in fierce battles with giant monsters. The weapon system in the game is also very unique, allowing you to quickly change weapons in the match to create combos of skills with great damage.

Blade Reborn has a fairly simple gameplay mechanism with virtual keys and virtual joystsick, players will easily control their characters to move, fight and use skills. With a constant influx of monsters, you'll have to be prepared to sweep all targets in sight and collect rewards including gold and equipment to upgrade your character.

Players can also choose one of three classes: The wizard, the warrior, and the assassin, each with two weapons and 4 skills and specific rune and talents combos.  There are also up to 64 skill talents that can be utilized to create unique builds for each class.

Features of Blade Reborn:

  •     Immersive graphic with PC-level visual effect
  •     Smart Hitting feedback and reactions
  •     Fast-paced weapon switching combat system
  •     Endless adventure across a panoramic 3D map
  •     Classic dungeon crawling loot-based gameplay
  •     Various PVP modes and bosses challenge

Basically, it's a classic RPG mobile game and the controls are pretty easy.This game can be played in solo mode and you can also play with your friends online on MOBA-style battlefields....but, your ass might get fried.

With good sound and graphics effects, this game is one of the best RPG game available for mobile devices (Android & iOs).

If your friend is a player who likes the open world ARPG game with the vastness of space. And with dungeon areas filled with a dark fantasy world atmosphere, then this is the game for you. Blade Reborn, a new mobile game from developer Snail Games, of today, in unison around the world, including Thailand Plus, the game also has a Thai version. And supports both iOS and Android systems as well.

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