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How you can either turn on cross play with others online in MLB The Show 21

While there are still rival gaming companies like PlayStation and Microsoft, cross play has become a major part of gaming over the last few years. This is something that was once though to be about impossible that we’d never see, but it has been happening more and more recently. With MLB The Show 21 going multi-platform, San Diego Studio decided to include cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox and this guide will tell you how you can either turn on or turn off cross play with others online in MLB The Show 21.

How to Play With Friends in MLB The Show 21
The first step when it comes to playing with your friends in MLB The Show 21 is adding those friends as a friend within the game itself. If you’re looking to play with a friend on another platform, you’ll also want to ensure that Cross Play is on in MLB The Show 21.

Make Sure Both Parties Are Subbed

  •     PlayStation gamers must have an active PlayStation Plus subscription
  •     Xbox gamers must have an active Xbox Gold membership

Both parties must be currently registered for their console of choice's multiplayer capability. Barring gift cards or limited-time offers, these are done via paid subscriptions. If only playing this game, it's wise to have both parties pay for the shortest subscription possible and turn off auto-renew.

The option is from the home menu, where you can scroll up to the top left where your name is and click on the profile icon. From there, press R1/right bumper to go over to My Profile. On this page that looks different than the other Profile page, you should start on the middle icon. Go to the icon on the right that says ‘Cross Play: On’ or ‘Cross Play: Off’ and press X/A to switch it to the other.

Below, we’ve listed the steps for both of these tasks.

How to Add Friends in MLB The Show 21

  •     Main menu
  •     Select Profile in the upper left corner
  •     "My Profile" tab
  •     Select “Friends”
  •     Select “Requests”
  •     Search for your friend by their username
  •     If they’re having trouble finding their username let them know that their username can be found in the main menu’s upper left corner
  •     Send a friend request

When done successfully, the other player should see a new friend request in their “Requests” tab which they can select and accept. They can also send you a friend request which you can accept from the “Requests” tab.

Fire Up An Exhibition Game

  •     Click on the friend and select Play Exhibition Game

After the friend accepts, feels free to select any existing team at all. Pro tip: This is a single game experience. So it's alright if four of the five starting pitchers aren't that great. Pick a team with one strong ace and a good starting lineup; backup players, a full starting rotation, and deep bullpens will be unnecessary.

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