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NCSoft has set a high bar set for creating a mobile game based on its top franchises

After a record-breaking launch of mobile MMORPG Lineage M in Korea in 2017, NCSOFT is tapping all of its expertise to launch its first mobile RPG in the west with Aion: Legions of War on January 24. The game puts players in the midst of an epic fantasy conflict, where a practically endless choice of party combinations, attack abilities and equipment are combined with top-quality visuals for an unparalleled RPG experience.

"With 20 years of history as a leader in the MMORPG space, including the runaway success of Lineage M in 2017, NCSOFT has set a high bar set for creating a mobile game based on its top franchises," said Justin Kubiak, vice president of mobile publishing. "Later this month, players will finally get to experience the results of our RPG pedigree with high-powered graphics that redefine what mobile games are capable of."

Created by the original Aion development team at NCSOFT's headquarters in Pangyo, Korea, Aion: Legions of War is a narrative-driven RPG that exudes depth of gameplay with MMO-level complexity. As players build up their collection of heroes, they will find over a billion combinations to bring into battle across a wide range of challenges, including PvP and Guild Dungeons. All of the intense action in Aion: Legions of War is presented in standard-setting high definition 3D graphics that push the limits of what's possible on mobile devices. If you want to know where to buy NCSOFT NCoin Gift Card Digital Code, will be your best choice.

NCSoft was founded in March 1997 by T.J. Kim. In September 1998, NCSoft launched its first game Lineage. In April 2001 the company created a US subsidiary under the name NC Interactive (based in Austin, Texas, and would later become NCSoft West) after acquiring Destination Games, headed by Richard Garriott and Robert Garriott. In 2004, NCSoft launched two MMORPGs, Lineage II and City of Heroes.

NCSOFT, headquartered in Pangyo, Korea, is the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, including the critically acclaimed Aion, Blade & Soul, Lineage, and Guild Wars franchises. NCSOFT West is a division of NCSOFT that holds operating responsibilities for North America, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand.

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